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22 - 23 July 2017 Folk Forest

Regather is a trading co-operative in Sheffield supporting the local community, including running events.

The mission of Regather is to give people the choice and opportunity to live, work and play co-operatively and create a mutual local economy.

Regather events:

The Folk Forest: The Folk Forest started life in 2011 as the folk music stage at Tramlines in Sheffield. It was the hot story of the festival. We transformed a corner of a city park into a beautiful weekend of great music, great food & drink and great atmosphere attracting over 8,000 folk music lovers. From there we have become a homegrown success story celebrating the contemporary side of folk music and pushing the boundaries into other music genres.

Peace in the Park: The Peace in the Park festival promotes peace and understanding by bringing together communities through artistic, musical and vocal expression. Peace in the Park is organised by a group of artists, musicians, students, events organisers and other everyday Sheffield folk, working together in a not for profit collective. Regather has been supporting Peace in the Park since 2010 and the organisation is registered at the Regather Works.

Park Lab: With more public parks and green spaces, more tree cover, and the Peak National Park our fantastic city is the greenest in Britain. We all love getting outdoors for sport and leisure – so why not for learning? At ParkLab you can discover exciting, hands on, visually spectacular (and sometimes dangerous!) science and engineering experiments, demos, lectures, workshops and all sorts. ParkLab is suitable for all ages and abilities – you just need to be curious, so check out what’s happening at our next event!