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​Suppliers of eco-friendly reusable event cups
Green Goblet

Green Goblet Ltd is a British environmentally friendly company that has developed a cup that can be used time and time again with the added benefit of being a great marketing/promotional tool.

Our goblets are ideal for use at stadiums, festivals, exhibition centres or basically any event that sells or provides beverages.

As more and more people realise that the only way forward is to stop using disposable plastic cups and reduce landfill, we have been working hard with our clients to improve their green credentials, event goer's experience and marketing reach, whilst also keeping costs down​.  

The goblets are designed to be used many times over creating many benefits and savings –

Green credentials

- Promoting your Company as environmentally friendly.
- Less landfill waste creating a cleaner environment.
- Lower carbon foot print as the goblet is reused time & time again.
- The same amount of energy is used to produce our goblet as it is to produce a reusable compostable plastic glass.
- Recyclability - when the goblets reach the end of their lives they are recycled and can be made into - ashtrays, ice scrapers and many other applications.
- Lowering the cost whilst educating/impacting our environment on the need to be green.

Cost effectiveness/benefits

- Time saving on clearing up after events.
- Significant reduction of waste going to landfill.
- Able to re-use the goblet – good for the environment and the bank account.
- Cost of disposal – when the goblets reach the end of their lives they are recycled.
- Safe for the public – as no broken glass.
- Not only saves you money but also has the potential to make you money.

Marketing potential

- Increased marketing reach.
- Great advertising and promotional tool.
- Smart phone tool.
- A fantastic usable souvenir.
- Improved customer experience.
​- Can be used in any environment – Sports events, music concerts, festivals, show grounds or any functions that sells beverages.