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Folk Music: Workshops, Consultancy & Performance
Bev Langton

Ray and Bev Langton are established performers and are well known across the country for their work in the Folk Arts. Together they also deliver workshops for all ages in music, dance, song and crafts. They can provide entertaining and informative presentations and shows for clubs and groups of all ages.

Bev has called with some of the hottest Ceilidh bands around at a range of events including festivals, fundraisers, weddings and schools. Bev is the resident caller with Shropshire’s Cuckoo Ale Band and CuckCuriosity she is also available to work with any other band.

Both are well known festival and event organisers across the country e.g. Towersey Children’s Festival, Sidmouth Children's Festival, Family Events at the Big Session Festival and Squeezing Shropshire.