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With almost 20 Years experience Location Medical has an established reputation as one of the UK’s most established and experienced suppliers of professional medical staff for events.

We are not a private ambulance service or a voluntary organisation - we are specialists in professional on site medical support services and nothing else.

We Deliver: 

Experience: We cover over 300 events a year, from small indoor events to major public events for 80,000 plus.

Many companies claim to have "events experience" when they are sub-contracted onto events or work alongside other organisations - but we can provide details and references for hundreds of events of all types & sizes that have used Location Medical as the sole medical contractor including festivls of all types and sizes.

Professional Standards: We are one of the only event medical companies to provide qualified and experienced NHS medical staff at all events - not first aiders or “EMT’s” with only a weeks training!

We are fully registered with, and regulated by, the Care Quality Commission for the provision of professional healthcare and ambulance services in the UK. This means we are legally authourised to provide ambulance and emergency care services (unlike unregistreed compamies)

Reliability: Once booked we turn up at the right place, at the right time, with the right staff and the right equipment. Simple as that. No excuses. No let-downs. If we weren't reliable we wouldn't have worked with many of our clients for over 10 years.

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