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Temporary Wifi, Internet, Telecoms, CCTV and Payment Systems

Spindlewood offer a range of permanent & temporary digital solutions for events, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, sporting occasions and product launches.

We are innovators and suppliers of;

  • Public Wifi
  • Temporary Wifi
  • Temporary Internet
  • Business Class Telecoms
  • Permanent/Temporary IP CCTV
  • IP Audio
  • Temporary IT Networks
  • PDQ terminal hire.


Spindlewood was founded in 2002 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset to provide digital surveillance solutions for retail, industrial, corporate & event industries.


Now operating from its headquarters, centrally located in the Midlands, England with offices in London & Yorkshire it provides solutions for companies, events & exhibitions throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Telephone : 0121 793 7000