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Waste Less & Increased Profit when dispensing cask and keg

Waste less - pure profit - as fast as you like!

Frustrated by your beer wastage and watching all that profit going down the drain?

With the start of 2017 comes the launch of a breakthrough product: AleTrim. By fitting AleTrim to your existing beer taps, you will immediately see benefits in:

  • A significant reduction of beer wasted
  • A stable longer lasting head as and when required
  • Outstanding body and linger of each pint.

AleTrim replaces the existing nozzle on any beer tap, whether keg or cask and has the following unique features:

  • 6 second pour as and when required*
  • Northern or Southern pour positions
  • Fruit fly cover
  • Custom branding options

*AleTrim can also speed up dispense – it can pour the perfect pint in less than six seconds when keg pressures are set at 2bar or 29PSI.

The science
Up until now all beer is poured into a glass is turbulent which exacerbates fobbing, early loss of beer flavours, loss of carbonation, flat head and pour beer lacing . AleTrim technology forces the turbulent liquid into a smooth and non-turbulent (laminar) state. There is less fobbing and therefore less waste (see below), micro-bubbles are produced as part of the pour and construct a very stable longer lasting head (if required) and most unexpectedly the retention of body and linger for the duration of the pint.

The numbers
With AleTrim fitted to your best selling beer tap/s, you will minimise your pouring waste — saving an impressive £65 pounds per week (if serving 300 pints per week at 3% wastage, priced at £3 per pint). Try the interactive ready reckoner to quickly see your potential savings / additional profits.

For more information, please contact Oliver Browne-Wilkinson (inventor).

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