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Identity cards

Does it feel secure when you carry your Passports in your bags, wallets or back pockets?

​Is it safe to show your home address every time you prove your identity with your Driving Licence?

Do you really need or want so many different bank cards that can so easily be stolen to commit fraud?


 Is there a secure solution?


IDGO (pronounced i'd go) is the UK’s 1st combined proof of identity and RFID contactless pre-paid card* for all UK public members aged 18 years & over to use whilst on the go!

Your personalised IDGO card can be used for:

​Festivals ** Concerts ** Night clubs ** Casinos ** Live act shows ** Restaurants ** Hotels ** Tattoos ** Job interviews ** Off License ** Supermarkets ** Post Office ** Delivery Packages ** Sporting Events ** Gaming ** Cinema ** Travel ** Fireworks ** Betting ** Bingo ** Pharmacies** 

​And the many other various purposes that require you to prove age and identity in order to gain entry into over 18 premises or purchase age restricted goods.

​Launching in July 2017, IDGO is the UK’s 1st combined proof of identity and RFID contactless pre-paid card*. All members will have the added ability to top up & make secure contactless payments whether on the go or online! 

​You can even use your IDGO card worldwide as a valid proof of age & identity card to gain entry into over 18 premises or purchase age restricted goods while your on holiday as it'll be accredited by PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) and therefore, a recognised and verified document.

​*Patent Pending: GB 1609459.1.