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Health and safety consultant
We are a health and safety, food safety and noise consultancy.  We are ex local authority Environmental Health Officers with almost 60 yrs experience of regulation and enforcement.
We provide food and health and safety advice, consultancy and support.  In particular, help with food inspections and brand protection ensuring that your food traders meet legal standards and keep your guests safe.  We can liaise with local authorities and help vet traders before you open your gates.
We can also conduct noise surveys to address any issues concerning potential noise nuisance issues.
Any problems with the dreaded health and safety lets have a chat.  Chartered IOSH membership, Chartered EHO, register of health and safety consultants (OSCHR), 27 years as a health and safety regulator including a spell with HSE and a Senior Lecturer and trainer of local authority EHOs.  We’ve been going to festivals for over 30 yrs and provide sensible and practical soultions.
tel 07793215183