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GB-EMS Event Medical Services
GB-EMS aims to provide high quality medical support in a safe and flexible way, to meet the needs of Event Organisers, Participants and Governing Body Regulations and to promote the Health, Safety and Welfare of all Event Organisers, Participants and Employees
The GB-EMS Event Service is getting busier and more active year on year.  Our continued expansion sees all of our services experiencing continuous growth with more available clinicians, more responding vehicles and ambulances than ever before. Combined with a higher quality of resources.  GB-EMS is a service that offers an abundance of experience in a whole host of specialities.
Being based on the South Coast and close to major transport links, we offer a nationwide service to our clients, who continue to request our services year on year. We work to build strong and lasting working relationships with every event client to ensure that the quality of our provision is kept high and is tailored to the individual intricacies of your event.
The GB-EMS Team provides a whole range of Medical Resources to events, large and small.  Regularly providing cover to festivals and other events with capacities from under 100 participants to over 100,000, all appropriately, safely and cost effectively managed.  More information is available on our website at or by contacting our team