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Medical provisions for events
Remote Medical Services

Remote Medical Services (RMS) provide profesonal medical and rescue services to festival, sporting and leisure industry.

Specialising in open air events, RMS only employs emergency service personnel and NHS frontline staff who have had additional training in event medicine.

We have a vast array of expertise amongst the Remote Medical Services team ensuring we deliver a highly skilled multi-disciplinary unit to your events. We are experienced in catering for all your medical needs and offer a bespoke service to meet your events requirements anywhere in the UK. We also have the ability to deploy overseas when required.

RMS can supply:

- Doctors

- Nurses

- Paramedics

- Ambulances

- 4x4 Ambulances

- Field hospitails

For more information on how we can assist please contact


Phone: 0845 519 0799

24hr: 07779302914