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Event Management, Event Safety, Event Control
Justin Argent

We are an event safety and management company with a modern practical approach to health and safety. Our focus is on delivering your art and performance to your audience as close as is possible to your imaginings.

Whilst it is essential that an event is safe, H&S legislation can often be misinterpreted and be seen as constrictive. Our approach is to risk assess every aspect of your event or production with a sensitive yet sensible eye and work through with you as the organiser, practical and affordable solutions to potential difficulties. This pragmatic approach applies to all our work, be it in health and safety, noise management or any of the other aspects of event management and safety we are involved in.

We are friendly and cooporative and have a great deal of experience in working with community orientated events or events on small budgets. We want to help, especially where expansion is becoming difficult due to a mounting heap of red tape that can often seem very daunting. We can aid on many levels, be it from basic consultation right though to full event management or assisting with stakeholder interaction and license applications.

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