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Working Nationally, Delivering Locally
Arts Development UK

Arts Development UK is a professional association, with a membership drawn from local authorities and those working in the creative industries sector in England and Wales.

We are a Charitable Company, limited by guarantee with Charity Registration No 1146670 and Company Registration Number 07983980. Membership is open to all in the arts and cultural sectors.

Our objective is twofold:

  • To offer practical advice, networking and support to the profession, and
  • To advocate for the important contribution that the arts and creative industries make to today’s crosscutting agendas, such as social inclusion.

We are a registered charity and operate as a membership organisation with over 400 organisations and individuals in membership last year, including 265 local authority corporate members (representing about 85% of all authorities in England and Wales with an arts service).

Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is the universal provision of high quality, effective local arts services that meet and reflect local needs and issues. We are:

  • Creative and Collaborative
  • Forward thinking and flexible, and
  • Professional and passionate

Arts Development UK’s vision is to ensure that the arts thrive in all our communities, meeting local needs, challenges and ambitions. Our mission is to equip our members to make this happen.