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Professional Medical Services for concerts and events
Central Medical Services

Central Medical Services provide medical cover to wide a range of events and customers throughout the UK. From large scale festivals to sporting events, to TV and film medical cover to more specific requirements we can help.

Our experienced staff will be able to provide you with all the help and assistance you need to make an informed choice about the level of cover you would require to ensure your event is a safe one. Following the HSE's event safety guide or "purple guide" we will make recommendations based on your event risk assessment. 

We are not just there on the day. Our experienced event and emergency planners will support all aspects of the build up to an event as well as comprehesive reporting during, after the event. 
Our aim is reduce the number of people that need to leave site for medical reasons, working as part of the whole festival team, from first aid training for marshalls and volunteers to providing an on-site pharmacy.

Some of the skills and resources we can provide include:

  • Full Accident and Emergency Specification "front-line" ambulances
  • Marked Rapid response vehicles
  • Medical-aid posts and field hospitals
  • Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Advanced first aiders and ambulance technicians
  • VIP or covert medical work
  • Medical staff without the need for a vehicle
  • Experienced emergency planners and duty managers