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Festival T-Shirts for Small Festivals

Are you a small festival and looking to have festival t-shirts printed?  Folk Weekend Oxford are offering AFO members the opportunity to sell their festival t-shirts through the Folk Weekend Oxford online shop. Cat explains how it works:

If any small festivals are in the position of wanting to have festival T shirts but not being able to afford the upfront outlay, I'd be happy to host them for you in the Folk Weekend: Oxford online shop: Please note this isn't a money-making exercise; as T shirts are only printed when a customer orders one there are no bulk-buy discounts and only very small profit margins (most of which go towards the cost of keeping the shop open) but I'd be happy to donate £1 from each of your T shirts sold back to your festival. As I said, there's not a lot of money in it, but we did it for the first time this year and seeing people walking around the festival in a FW T shirt was pretty awesome :)

How it works: You send us the design of whatever your want on the T shirt, and let us know colour/s. I'll mock it up for you and send you a proof to look at. Then I'll set it all up on our shop, and send you the link to market it. Customers buy direct from the shop, I get a notification, and send the order to my supplier, who will then print the T shirt and send it directly to your customer. You don't have to do anything! I'll let you know how many have sold and make a donation to the festival. (If you're anything like us, even an extra 20 quid is very welcome!) 

In summary: What you have to do - send me a logo, approve the design. What you get - fantastic on-site marketing with people are wearing your logo around your festival, and a small donation to your festival as well. If you're interested please get in touch on

Folk Weekend Oxford: 21st Jun 2017 12:30:00


Uk Festivals Get Smart With Power And Travel

A major shift in the way UK festivals approached energy management and travel planning in 2017 has been revealed in the annual Festival & Events Industry Green Survey.
19th March 2018

Come Join The Chorus

It is with great sadness that I have to say, having heard from our friends at Chippenham Festival, that Ted Poole, organiser, folk enthusiast, MC, great chorus singer, trade unionist and all round good and kind man has passed away. Ted, with his wife Ivy, had been running folk clubs and music events in and around Swindon for about fifty years. A great supporter of local musicians, singer/songwriters and always gave great encouragement to young, up and coming artists. He will be sorely missed in the music business and particularly in the Wiltshire music scene. As Bob Berry of Chippenham Festival said, 'One In A Million'.
19th March 2018

International Women's Day 2018 - Important News

FIGHTBACK: GRASSROOTS PROMOTER Exciting new initiative from Music Planet Live and Music Venue Trust Music Venue Trust and Music Planet Live are delighted to announce a major new partnership to reinvigorate and diversify the grassroots music scene in the UK. Fightback: Grassroots Promoter is a £100,000 intervention aimed at young women who are passionate about live music and want to learn the skills to become an independent promoter.
8th March 2018

Industry Green Survey 2017 Reveals Uk Events Getting Smart With Power & Travel

A major shift in the way UK festivals approached energy management and travel planning in 2017 has been revealed in the third annual Festival & Events Industry Green Survey.
7th March 2018

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