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Working in Partnership - UK Border Agency

Message from Lin Homer, Chief Executive, UK Border Agency

'On 1 April the UK Border Agency became a full agency of the Home Office. This means that we have put in place a Framework Agreement with the Home Office to define the relationship more formally. We will now produce our own annual report and accounts and I have become the Agency's Accounting Officer.
We also published our new three year business plan. Last year we made good progress against our publicised targets and milestones and we have:

Agent? Manager? Promoter? Or Maybe All Three.

PA member festival has recently written to us about a difficulty they had at their festival in the spring where the agent for the headline act also turned out to be a promoter who was intending to actually promote the band into more gigs around the same period.

It presented a conflict of interest, caused serious difficulties for the festival and has become a lesson hard learnt.  The warning is, make sure all the arrangements that are made by phone, email and final contract are actually spelt out in detail, in writing and agreed by all

Handheld Radio Change

Many festival members of Association of Festival Organisers will hire, from a variety of companies, handheld radios for communications around venues and sites.
We are informed by Ofcom that they are simplifying the way that radio systems are licensed and changing their systems to support the radio licensing activity.