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Working for and with festivals and events, supporting live arts

Our achievements:

The AFO has been in operation since 1987 when just 6 festivals came together to share ideas and exchange views.  We are a growing organisation, in fact throughout the Covid crisis we have gained several new members simply because we are able to answer questions, point people in the right direction and lead the way in helping our members get through this most difficult period.  Some of our achievements both historic and recent are listed here.

  • Since 1987 we have been growing the Association from its small beginnings to over 250 members.

  • We have contributed to major changes in national licensing law (2003 Licensing Act).

  • We have worked with colleagues and negotiated a special arrangement on licence fee with PRS for Music.

  • We maintain valuable contact with many other associations linked to our industry.

  • We currently hold the chair of The Events Industry Forum (EIF), a national and government recognised voice of the outdoor events industry.

  • We assisted in writing The Purple Guide and The Purple Guide Lite.

  • We have created a Code of Best Practice which we believe is a good set of guidance for festival organisers.

  • We stimulated interest and put the wheels in motion to form an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Events.

  • During the Covid crisis we helped negotiate a reduction of VAT for tickets sales down to 5% and lobbied for its extension through to March 31, 2021.

  • Working with UK Music and LIVE, we were able to lobby government for financial support which lead to the contribution of £1.57bn into the Cultural Recovery Fund.

  • We assisted EIF in writing Covid Guidance for the Outdoor Events Industry and contributed to the supplementary work focussed on festivals.

  • We have worked with DCMS, EIF and Local Government Association (LGA) in producing guidance for local authorities to view festivals and events in a Covid climate.


  • John Wirtz, Sore Fingers Summer School

    "The AFO are our voice with government and play a part in influencing laws and guidelines at a level small individual festival organisers can only dream of."

  • Alan Castle, Tenterden Folk Festival

    "Many thanks to AFO for their tireless work lobbying the Government and supporting all our festivals especially over the last 12 months."

  • Adam Courthold, Chippenham Folk Festival

    "AFO speaking at top government level meetings, gave Chippenham Folk Festival a bigger voice collectively."

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