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Climate Action Resources

Take the first step and measure your impacts with the CG Tools, developed by Julie’s Bicycle for the arts and culture industries.

Over 5,000 organisations, in 50 countries worldwide, use our free set of carbon and environmental calculators to record, measure and understand the impacts of their venue, office, tour, production, event or festival.

The CG Tools make it easy to measure your energy use, water consumption, waste generation and recycling, travel and production materials. The results can then inform your environmental strategy and organisational priorities.

Use the Tools to track your progress over time and take the first step towards Creative Green certification

The Show Must Go On report (November 2015) was conceived as a festival industry response to the Paris climate change talks in 2015. The report brings together all known UK research and analyses the most comprehensive datasets available on the environmental impact of festivals.

A Greener Festival is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving sustainability of the events sector.

Their goal is to help the events sector to become more sustainable. They provide certification, training, CO2 analysis and consultation for organisers, venues, tours, artists, festivals, sports, suppliers, local authorities from all event types internationally.

UK Business Climate Hub - Looking to start your journey to becoming Net Zero?

When you sign up, they’ll get in touch with tools to help you understand your emissions and how to tackle them. They’ll also help you to share what you’re doing with customers and community.

Positive Impact shares how you can advance your sustainability in 2022. They’ll help you to get inspiration on how your event can achieve sustainability commitments and then to share the positive impact of the changes you have made to your event.

Net Zero Carbon Events is an industry initiative, hosted by Joint Meetings Industry Council, to address climate change - Engaging now means being a part of a global collaboration for action – and failing to act risks being left behind.

Powerful Thinking supports smarter practice and innovation in energy management for the outdoor events and music industry. They publish guidance, tools, provide news and advice, and connect people and companies with good ideas and each other.

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