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Code Of Best Practice For Festivals, Events, Suppliers & Individuals

The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) is open to any festival or event organiser, supplier or individual who wishes to share their knowledge and experiences, learn, teach and strive for good standards in festival and event work.

This Code of Best Practice is reviewed and updated from time to time by the membership.

Association of Festival Organisers members agree to:

1. Be honest and law abiding in all dealings with public, performers, staff, suppliers and the authorities.

2. Conduct themselves in a professional manner maintaining the highest possible standards in their planning and staging of their festival or event.

3. Ensure that they have adequate and appropriate insurance cover.

4. Ensure adequate finance to support their actions in booking artists, equipment and services.

5. Maintain a proper bank account in the name of the member organisation and account honestly and legally for monies in and out.

6. Issue all performers, staff and suppliers with approved forms of agreements/contracts and honour all details contained within them.

7. Ensure that venues and sites used are safe, suitable for purpose, fully and correctly licensed.

8. Adopt the highest possible standards of health and safety so as not to endanger any person by their actions or inaction.

9. Treat all performers, staff and the public with respect and consideration.

10. Strive to provide an appropriate level of training for all staff to ensure their competency to carry out the tasks required.

11. Conduct negotiations, engaging and employing of staff, contractors and artists in accordance with UK equality law.

12. Commit to providing online access information for customers, disability equality training for staff, and making events as accessible as possible, using guidance from Attitude is Everything.  (NOTE: click here for more information about Attitude is Everything’s Charter of Best Practice)

13. Produce accurate and truthful information on the content and style of their event.

14. Apply any other relevant Codes of Practice and Conduct established by other professional bodies like NCASS, NOEA, TESA, PSA and the Events Industry Forum (EIF).

15. Uphold the image of the AFO in the conduct of all their activities.

16. Assist in the spread of the association by using the ‘Member of AFO’ logo on all publicity material.

First published 01/03.  Revised 06/07; 08/09; 11/12; 06/16; 01/18; 03/19; 3/21

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