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AFO Climate Action Group                                                                                         

AFO is proud and pleased to have a Climate Action Group. There is nothing more important than saving the planet for the next generation. We clearly have done some damage, both us and earlier generations. We now have the skills and the technology to do better. 

Our Climate Action Group has been brought together, led by Maddie Spear (Shine On Digital) to look at ways of making sure that AFO members understand the problem, have the tools to make changes to the way festivals are run, and to make our contribution to the environment, sustainability and saving the planet. 

If you have an interest in this area or indeed a specialist knowledge you would be very welcome to join the Climate Action Group and should contact Maddie direct (Maddie Spear [email protected]).

Why Act Now?

We are facing some stark challenges; climate change, ecological collapse, mass extinction and global inequality and injustice, to name a few! But science tells us we still genuinely have a window of opportunity to act, to help make a positive difference for generations to come. As events we can our play by reducing negative impacts, but also we have a vital and strong voice to advocate for change.



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