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Working for and with festivals and events, supporting live arts

AFO Insurance Scheme


Taylor Made Risk Solutions

Taylor Made Risk Solutions are delighted to be working with the Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) and its members.  

They are able to offer cover for a diverse range of festivals and events, including music festivals of all genres, film festivals, arts and crafts festivals, to beer and food festivals, you name it and they can provide suitable cover for you.  Whether your hired equipment is damaged/stolen, a member of the public gets injured or the event is cancelled due to adverse weather, they have a policy that can protect you against these eventualities.

The Covid-10 crisis has given rise to a shortfall in cover for cancellations due to pandemic.  However, AFO with colleagues from other associations are working with DCMS and the insurance industry to find a way to cover this ongoing and future pandemics.  When these negotiations are complete Tailormade Risk Solutions will be here to assist in achieving appropriate cover.

We speak regularly to many AFO members as policies have come up for renewal and are available anytime to speak with you should you need out services.  We also look forward to meeting with you all at an AFO Conference in the future. 

What are they doing?
They have been working in the insurance industry for over 20 years and will take all our knowledge and expertise forward and work with you very closely.  We are offering up to 20% discount for all AFO members and their festival policies.  The insurers are a Lloyds based syndicate who we have been working with for the past 15 years.  They understand the Events/Entertainment industry.

Moving forward
We are pleased to be able to work with you, find out exactly what cover you need and create a bespoke policy for you.  Each one of the AFO members is different and you will be offered an individual policy specifically designed to suit your needs and requirements.  We would be looking to save you money on your current premium and provide you with an AFO discount.

Feel free to get in touch and discuss further (remember to mention the AFO).
Contact Darren on 07500 057430 or email [email protected]


Graham Sykes

Graham Sykes Insurance working with AFO members across the UK.
They believe in membership of your association.

At Graham Sykes they take membership of clubs and associations very seriously, we like to reward those who join and provide support for the associations you belong to.  To help with this we offer:

  • All AFO members 20% discount off their festival insurance arranged through Graham Sykes Insurance.
  • We ALSO pay a contribution to the AFO to help them to carry on delivering what you want.

They are part of your team
With decades of experience in the event industry they currently support thousands of businesses and individuals across the UK that make their living in one way or another from festivals just like yours.  They are a team, all joined by one common goal, to make events and festivals a continually growing success.

They take you and your insurance needs to heart
Insurance always has a particularly important part to play in keeping the festival industry robust and healthy, that is why at Graham Sykes we have a team of three people who look after you, with years of experience, their role is to help you buy the right cover for you.  Your festivals can be small or large, regardless of which:

  • They promise to treat you professionally.
  • To work with your teams to help you arrive at the right insurance with the right premium for your needs.

Making insurance easy and clear is what we do
One of the most important parts of insurance is being able to identify that you are covered, at Graham Sykes Insurance they have arranged for you to submit your proposal online.  It will only ask the questions for the insurance types you have asked for and it will provide a clear statement of fact to see exactly what you have told us.  When you come to renew you can use the same form to review your needs, some of you only have to change the dates for the following year, it is that easy.

As if that was not enough:

  • They provide a clear schedule that outlines what insurance to have bought and for how much and a certificate of insurance to prove to others that you have bought it.
  • All online and delivered straight to your inbox.

Not just here for your premium
At Graham Sykes Insurance they are aware that insurance can be tedious and frustrating on occasions, we cannot offer any guarantees that it won’t be.
What we can do is help you and your committee make the right decisions.

  • They promise to persevere diligently until you are happy with both the insurance and the premium.
  • They are not setting out their stall to be the cheapest insurance option, but they are going to do everything they can to make sure it is right for you, however long it takes.    

Contact them now and start your journey to easy clear insurance from a broker that supports you and the AFO.

You can also see them on Facebook and Twitter



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