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The Coronavirus - COVID-19

Cancelled AFO events and others 2020 - information HERE

AFO member festivals are run by a proud and dedicated bunch of organisers.  The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us all to the limit, but we will not give up.
Some on this Festival list will still happen on their 2020 dates, others have shifted from early season to later in the year.  Sadly, many have had to make the brave decision to just move into 2021.

This list, true at the time of publication, shows who is on and when.  Most are AFO member festivals, others are about to join this ever-growing association.

When you plan to visit a festival, always check the event’s website for latest information before setting out to enjoy (this year changes are happening very quickly).
For now, please support your favourite festivals, offer help if you can and don’t forget the AFO ticket swap agreement for any events still taking place this year or indeed for 2021.

Lots of useful links:

AFO is part of UK Live Music Group and represents our corner to HM government through this very powerful and influential group.  See HERE 
In particular this group has the ear of DCMS.  We are meeting in conference calls regularly.
Through the Events Industry Forum (EIF), which AFO chairs, is a group of 26 event industry professional associations.  This body also has a strong and influential voice through the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Home Office.
AFO will not give direct advice on which you can act.  However, you may take the information or advice offered and use it if you wish by your own choice.

Click on the following for more helpful information and possible funding:
Best summary of the support being offered to business, workers and the self-employed HERE
Chancellor's report 26 March 2020 HERE

Arts Council England

Business Support
Help Musicians
Musician's Union
Music Venue Trust
PRS for Music
PRS Foundation
Further Government information
Welsh Government

Do be aware that the situation regarding the virus changes by the hour.  Keep up-to-date and follow HM government guidance.
This is not a party-political issue, this is the human race and its social economic survival against the virus.
If you have major questions that are concerning your own business, festival, career, promotion, management or agency it is very likely that AFO has direct contact with someone who can advise.  Be it the Association or the government department.

AFO is available to channel correspondence where necessary.  This should not stop you and your organisation speaking directly to your own union or association or government department.  We will not always reply to you personally but can forward your question or concern to the right place.

Now is the time your membership of the appropriate association is very important.
Festivals or events - you should be an AFO member
Musicians - you should be a member of Musician’s Union (MU)
Promoters, Agents or Managers - you should be member of the Agents Assocation
“Techies” - you should be a member of Production Services Association (PSA) 

Together we shall win.  Keep safe and good luck.

Steve Heap
General Secretary. AFO and Chairman EIF

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House of Commons Debate

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The Government has today introduced its new Planning and Business Bill

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Steve Brine Requests The PM to Speak To DCMS This Summer

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, consumer contracts, cancellation and refunds

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Why Cancelled Festivals Will Take Their Toll On Local Businesses

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Insurance Guidance For Business Interuption Policies

Draft Guidance for Insurance Companies - As part of its investigation into Coronavirus related business interruption insurance, the FCA have published draft guidance on their expectations for insurers and insurance intermedia...
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Melvin Benn, Festival Republic shows the way to get the festival industry moving again.

Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Festival Republic, has called for the increase of COVID-19 testing in the UK because entertainment and sport cannot operate fully with social distancing measures in place....
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82% of Festival goers ready to return to live events

Over three quarters of 110,000 music fans surveyed by Festicket would buy tickets to 2021 festivals in the next two months, as demand for live events remains high...
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DCMS are looking for your views.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has created a survey to understand the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on organisations...
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UK’s mass participation event organisers unite to launch the 2.6 Challenge

The 2.6 Challenge begins on Sunday 26 April...
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Repurposing festival resources to feed the UK

Currently the UK is short of around 90,000 people to pick the crops that are growing ripe across the country....
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