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Classic Hymers Group 2019
5th September 2019 to 9th September 2019

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We are back for our 4th Hymerfest which will be on the 5th – 9th SEPTEMBER 2019 at Corsley show-ground, Corsley Heath, Warminster,

The Hymerfest is a small friendly festival which is all about the vans and the members who come from all over the UK and Europe to attend. Last year we had over 200 Classic Hymers and 500 members in attendance making it the biggest old school Hymer show on earth!

Hymerfest 2019 will again feature some amazing live music and additional entertainment, technical support workshops, Fancy dress, The Classic Hymers Cocktail Bar, A fully licensed Bar, Food concessions, Coffee and Cake Morning, The Hymermarket Live, Balchins Bingo, Pub Quiz and much much more….



Classic Hymers Group 2019
9 Osbourne Road
Weston Super Mare
BS23 3EJ

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