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Larmer Tree Festival 2019
16th to 19th July 2020

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Larmer Tree is the quintessential summer party. Intimate and eccentric, and remaining small by choice, we offer a unique party experience, encouraging a genuine festival community. The Festival is independent with no outside forces influencing us, making us free to develop an extraordinary event of entirely our own creation, with a shedload of fun stuff to delight, entertain and inspire.

For three days and four joyful nights the gardens transform into a sensory wonderland, ensuring straight-up adventure at every turn. Presenting top-notch local, national and international artists in music, outdoor theatre, live performances, art, comedy and more… You can blissfully retreat to our new Larmer Spa, and there’s international street eats guaranteed to fill your belly and nourish the soul.

We will always aim to bring renewed energy to our festival with some newly created spaces for you to check out, whilst maintaining the original essence of the festival that our audiences have grown to know and love. Most importantly we will always continue to find ongoing excuses to have fun!

Our audience has and will always be the most important part of the Larmer Tree philosophy – we are devoted to creating a distinctive experience for you. We aim to keep you super well-informed during the booking process, and when you’re on site we’ll all be working like crazy behind-the-scenes to make sure you have the best possible experience.

We’re proud to have been awarded the UK Festival Awards for ‘Best Family Festival’ and ‘Best Toilets’ by festival-goers for the coolest, cleanest loos. We’re also thrilled to have been named the ‘Small Festival of the Year 2015’ by NOEA (National Outdoor Events Association).


Larmer Tree Festival 2019
PO Box 1790

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