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Rumble festival

Rumble festival

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After our second edition in 2019, we are so excited to Rumble some more and dance our way through this mid-summer weekend in June..

Imagine a festival where movement and dance are the focus.

Centred around a beautiful hall with a smooth floor, where we can roll and weep, tickle and leap.. Where the music calls and the silence has its own melody.

Then a campfire by moonlight to sing us to sleep, the sounds of nature to massage our feet, to rest our heads, ready for when, we are called to dance as the sun rises again.

PLEASE NOTE: Rumble is alcohol and drug free!

We will have a wonderful team hosting all manner of workshops and activities and we cannot wait to share our passions, skills and inspiration with you, bringing many varied forms of movement to the floor, for you to play with and explore from Friday evening until Monday afternoon!

There'll be delicious healthy food and snacks, cosy spaces and an open field for frisbee and more.. Plus lots of live music, soundscapes and jam sessions to keep you moving and meeting each other in new ways.


Rumble festival
Ground floor
90 Fordwych Road

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