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Chippenham Folk Festival

Chippenham Folk Festival

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Chippenham Folk Festival is an annual event which features the very best in English traditional music, dance, song and folk activities with all its related interests. It has maintained its principles over its 40+ years and has a unique and distinctive brand. From modest beginnings the festival has grown to be one of the keenest supported in the country.

Many of the Chippenham attendees are repeat visitors from previous years, which is substantially higher than many other festivals

The Chippenham Folk Festival punches well above its weight and is regarded as one of the premier folk festivals in the country despite its tight budget limitations. It looks and feels like a much bigger budget production.

Every pound raised through ticket-sales, collections, donations etc is spent on the Festival; none goes towards salaries. The driving force is not profit-making - we know how much money there is to spend each year. We don't have to go for the 'safe' or 'money-making' options.

As the festival is sited right in the centre of the town much of the money spent its attendees does not end up in the festivals purse

When applying economic business principles to the event in the town it has been shown that the Chippenham Folk Festival puts about £1.5 million into the local economy every year but in return receives less than 10% of its annual budget in sponsorship and local authority funding.


Chippenham Folk Festival
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