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Everyone and their dog is talking about the new GDPR regulations coming in May this year.  But very few people are offering you a concrete solution.

There are two main things that you must do after May 25th....

1. If any one of your contacts wants to see what information you hold about them, you must send them a copy of that information within 30 days.

2. If people want to unsubscribe from your contact list, they must be allowed to do so for phone calls, for emails and for post separately.  Easily...

Both of these things could be very costly for your company to do.  Especially if you have a large contact database.  Think of all of the cut and paste of information or, God forbid... Photocopying!

See below for the solution to your problem.  All you have to do is send me an email, by return, expressing your interest, in principle, to our plan.  No commitment.  No cost to you right now. We just want to know if you are interested in principle.
Trivaeo already has a World-leading CRM solution. You can see more informationhere.  But we are adding two new features especially to solve this GDPR issue:
1. We will give you a self-service log-in for all of your contacts that want to see the info you hold on them.  You can control exactly what they see. You can even allow them to EDIT their own details if you want.  This solution is high security, so no need to worry that anyone will gain access to any of your other data.  You just expose the info you want.  BANG!  Self-Service GDPR access.  Save yourself hours of anguish.

2. Allow your contacts to log in and control exactly what they want to subscribe to and what they don't.  All done (as above) via a self-service portal that is LINKED to your own CRM.

All you need to do right now is to express interest by returning an email to me.  We will even allow YOU to help design the way it will work.
Now here is the best bit.  We will be providing the full CRM functionality, alongside all of these cool new GDPR features for a once-off payment of £199 plus VAT per user FOR LIFE!  No monthly fees.  Just a once-off payment.

Of course, terms and conditions will apply, but this is a perfect way to become GDPR compliant and help your contacts to help themselves to information if they request it.

Send an email, to me, today with the Subject Line GDPR CRM and the body text saying: "In principle, I'm interested.  Put me in for ....XX users please David".

That's all you need to do.  We will be issuing only 1,000 CRM user licenses on this project and it is first come, first served.

We will then be in contact, with the exact specifications of the solution and you can make your final decision to go ahead (or not) then.  However, if you are not on the first 1,000 users list, the offer will not be open again later.

Take action today and solve a massive problem with one email!

Kind Regards

David Claxton
Managing Director

Trivaeo Cloud Services Limited.
+44 844 561 1979

Steve Heap: 24th May 2018 12:14:00

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