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NOEA Newsletter

April Newsletter


Stage Lighting Issue
This came up at this week's UK Music Live meeting – it seems like a real cause for concern.
IQ picked this up as a headline news item yesterday:

"Catastrophic" EU plans would mean lights out for venues | IQ Magazine
New rules on stage lighting mooted by the EU would cause "thousands of venues, theatres and music festivals to go dark" after 2020, industry groups have warned.
NOEA Annual Convention Save the Date! 

The annual convention and awards dinner will be on Wednesday 21st November in Bath. The day event will be in the Guildhall and the evening awards will take place at the Roman Baths and Pump Rooms. Theme for convention will be "It Wouldn't Happen to Me...." 

Sponsorship of awards available please contact [email protected] for further details. 

EVENT SAFETY DIPLOMA University of Derby in Partnership with NOEA
This course has, the first of its kind when it started in 2008 has helped professionalise and validate industry professionals in Event Safety Management.  It has been developed by industry for industry, and is now delivered in partnership with the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA). It offers a comprehensive overview of events safety and helps you apply these skills to the workplace
Course leader Eddy Grant has played a key role in the delivery of a safety of a range of high profile events including Tour de France, Tour of Britain, concerts across the UK, and many
Richard Limb CFIOSH is a former President of NOEA, currently chairs the IOSH Sports Ground and Events Group has a vast experience in safety management dating back to his work on the first safety guide in 1990.
It aims to bring up to date with existing legislation that affects you as an event organiser
It demystifies the issue of risk assessment and you'll learn how to run events safely
"The responsibility of people's safety and lives cannot be underestimated and has to be taken seriously. The author of risk assessments takes responsibility for their content and a number have been challenged in court and a few have served a prison sentence. This Diploma aims to address the quality and skills needed. We take individuals experienced in events, provide them with the knowledge needed - inspire them, assess them, award them and have some fun." Richard Limb of NOEA
The Diploma in Events Safety Management is ideal for practising event professionals who are responsible for health and safety or customer protection at festivals, sporting events, public gatherings, commercial and not for profit events, as well as large-scale and international association meetings.
You'll begin the course with a three day workshop in Events Safety Management. You'll then attend a two day workshop in Events Legislation and a further two day workshop in Crisis Communication and Reputation Management.
On successful completion of the Events Legislation module you will meet the academic requirements for Tech IOSH.
Charlie Mussett Senior Opertions Manager at the Great Run Company
"the Diploma is an excellent course, taught by current event professionals. It confirmed and developed my skills, with the added bonus of learning with other professionals and sharing our experiences to enhance the learning process”
 A discount is offered for NOEA Members
For Futher details
E: [email protected] T: +44 (0)1298 330583.


Steve Heap: 3rd May 2018 08:54:00

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