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Festival First Timer

What To Expect

A festival is like a small town and can be as big as one - the perimeter fence of Glastonbury is 8.5 miles long!  Festivals bring people together to party with friends and escape for the weekend.  To enjoy yourself and avoid some of the classic festival fails, it’s good to understand the environment you are going into.

  • There will be queues -  to get in, for food, drink and toilets
  • It can feel chaotic at times
  • It may be crowded
  • People will be drunk, giddy and sometimes misbehaving.

But that’s what makes it fun right?

Within a festival community we should all try and be a friendly face in the crowd. Whether you are going with one friend or a big crew, everyone will have a better time if we take care of each other.  One of the ultimate buzz kills can be seeing other people having a bad time so help everyone to enjoy themselves.

Don’t underestimate how much festivals can test your endurance skills, especially when the weather is bad.  It’s important to keep your wits about you and remember it’s a marathon not a sprint!

Check out for more information.

Steve Heap: 8th May 2018 23:10:00

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