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After 3 years of negotiation…. The new PRS tariff!!

AFO members and others will know from previous statements, PRS and AFO along with several other Live music promoters  and associations have been discussing the Performing Right Society’s demand to increase the % rate of the LP tariff. During the consultation phase it became clear that PRS were looking to move up nearer to rates similar to those charged in some European countries. For example 6/8% of gross takings.

We (the live music consortium) obviously fought this and after several meetings, some hard talk and negotiation we have agreed a new rate.

This statement is to let you know that the Copyright Tribunal (legal process ) has now agreed the new tariff and this will come into play for any live music shows that go on sale after 11th June 2018.

The old tariff will be charged for any shows that are on sale before that date.

There is a relatively simple structure for the tariff with some detailed descriptions and terminology in the text.

Basically the old rate of 3% is scrapped. There is a new rate of 4.2% for concerts and clubs and a new rate of 2.7% for a Qualifying Festival. Both of these % figures will be reduced to 4% and 2.5% respectively where the licensee  declares all box office and booking fees charged .

There is a minimum fee of £15 which of course will not affect festivals.

We also negotiated  an opportunity for those festivals that present non PRS repertoire music and public domain music to discuss a further reduction in the fee where these works are genuinely presented.

More detail of definitions and detail of all the above will shortly be available from PRS and on their web site.

May I take this opportunity on your behalf to thank The Concert Promoters Association, Live Nation and their legal teams for facilitating these meetings and indeed paying the considerable legal fees involved.

Without their support  …….. who knows where we would be today.


Watch this space for more.


Steve Heap

General Secretary

Steve Heap: 16th May 2018 11:42:00

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