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The South Pacific Needs You!

No, this is not a free holiday, just a response to the barrage of newsreels, newspaper photographs and targeted facts, figures and information that keep coming at us under the title of Blue Planet.

Mr Attenborough did a fine job in bringing to our attention the whole issue of western world waste plastic.

I have written many time about this for AFO News and this is the latest to keep the pot boiling and hope you will join in an AFO campaign.

We have just received a very good response from caterers attending Towersey Festival in August this year:


1 We continue to give them the target of no polystyrene anywhere on site.

2 No plastic straws or plastic stirrers on site this year.

3 A switch to hard plastic, reusable, recyclable beer mugs instead of crushable, sometimes non-recyclable, one-use plastic beer mugs.

4 A campaign to reduce red diesel usage by 40% in our power distribution.

5 Caterers and traders will join stage management and production in thinking before turning on the power.

6 Water in plastic bottles will be eliminated from back-stage this year and a request has gone to our caterers to reduce the amount they bring to site.   Bottled water will be replaced by 100% increase in the number of taps around the site, available to the public. Towersey will also be selling souvenir, plastic, refillable bottles.

7 And finally, in 2019 we will eliminate plastic bottles of water from the site completely.


Will your festival join in?  We have made this an AFO Campaign and hope you will sign up, which you can do easily by just dropping an email back to my office saying, yes, we will reduce plastic.


Have a good season.



May 2018

Steve Heap: 16th May 2018 11:51:00

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