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Child fatally injured from inflatable fault

In the first week of July 2018 a young girl enjoying the summer sunshine on a bouncy castle at the beach was hurled into the air as the castle exploded.  Unfortunately, she died of her injuries.

The bouncy was more like an inflatable trampoline and part of a whole series of inflatable toys and rides on the beach. Why it exploded is currently being investigated (July 2018).  Speculation suggests the heat or over-crowding or over-inflated.  Health and Safety Executive will report more information when available.

For now, make sure any bouncy castles you use at your festivals are properly certified, checked and tested before and during their use. If in doubt don’t use them.  We should all learn from this incident and hopefully it won’t happen again.

AFO: 4th Jul 2018 15:33:00


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