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ATTENTION - Affordable on the day tent hire from £20





Affordable on the day tent hire from £20 


Year after year 100,000’s of tents are left after festivals and are going to landfill, which is having a major impact on the environment, cost of clearing up, also increases the manufacturing of cheap flimsy throw away tents. If we can help to reduce the manufacturing of these tents it will in turn stop prices being dropped thus stopping the increased purchasing of such tents.

Our Business Outline:

  • Throughout 2019 attended festivals to gather tents that can be cleaned and recycled.
  • Clean and pack into Attention’s newly design tent sleeve, which will be attached to tent so cannot be parted. This will enable the user to carry tent easily to their required location and pitch where they like.
  • Each tent will have a large clear number sown on the outside for easy identification. This will aid the user providing easy identification and for the clear-up (if the tent is just left) allowing Attention to collect all their own tents after the festival.
  • Each Number will be colour coded identifying the size of the tent i.e. Blue for 2 man, Green for 4 man and so on.
  • There would be No charge to the organisers for us clearing away our tents 
  • Attention would require a pitch space at the festival where we would rent out the tents, we would like to be positioned at every entrance if possible
  • The customer would take the tent and pitch wherever they wanted, next to friends etc
  • No deposit would be requested from the customer
  • If the customer wishes to return the tent to the renting centre, they can, we would reimburse them a small amount of money back, this will hopefully encourage the return of the tent.
  • If the customer just ups and leaves the tent Attention will gather all of their own tents which are clearly identifiable.
  • Attention(if acceptable to the organisers) would then gather more tents in addition to their own for future recycle/reuse at another festivals. This will be repeated throughout the season.
  • Our aim is to offer affordable on site tent rent – festival goers don’t worry about bringing their own although that of course is still an option if they wish

Ultimately our aim is to reduce the number of tents that are left thus aiding clear-up operation and offer an affordable, no hassle, easy option for every festival goer.

AFO: 28th May 2019 09:28:00

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