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Playpass Monthly News Letter

 Welcome to the PlayPass monthly newsletter


Keeping you up to speed on our ever-evolving technology and all the clever things people are doing with it at live events.

2019 has been a huge year for us, our clients and advances in the use of cashless and NFC at events in general. This first edition of our newsletter will share some of the highlights...



Festival Season of 2019 in a Nutshell

In 2019, fine-tuning our platform was our main priority, with a tight focus on security, robustness and overall reliability. Globally, we have seen a 40% year-on-year increase in the number of events serviced this year.

This trend has been even higher in specific territories such as the UK where we have achieved a 4-fold increase in the number of festivals using - and thriving with - our solutions!

Below a recap of what 2019 looked like so far:


Next year (2020) at PlayPass is all about DATA - yielding exceptional value for our clients by applying intelligent analysis and tactical responses to achieve significant growth and competitive lead for their businesses.


Feature of the Month: Self-Service Topup Stations


We are proud to announce that our unmanned terminals have been road-tested with great success at Dranouter, Cirque Magique, Lollapalooza Berlin, Kookeet and Horst, and are now ready for roll-out to your event!


How could these terminals improve your event? 


Well, they significantly save on staffing and infrastructure costs. Thanks to their compact format, the terminals can be installed at multiple locations, reducing queues and on-site cash handling significantly. Of course, they are fully weather-proof, and provide a high grade user experience, being very simple and fast to operate, even after a few beers (we were very thorough in testing that part!).


PlayPass Sports

We are continuing to expand in the sports market globally. Our UK team was recently reinforced by Josh Daniels, formerly Head of Sports and Events at Groupon.

2019 has also seen our technology used increasingly by premier league football clubs in their stadiums. PanStadia visited RSC Anderlecht in Belgium to find out how their move to cashless has helped them improve fan engagement and grow revenue.

The club announced a 35% increased spend-per-head in their stadium, not bad for their first season with us!


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Use Case of the Month: Gamification at Bluedot

Introducing Gamification at festivals with BLUEDOT Connect (UK)


It was one small leap for PlayPass, one giant leap for festival-kind as BLUEDOT harnessed our technology to not only go fully cashless for the first time, but to also give their visitors a more immersive experience. In a special year for Bluedot, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landings, it was a key requirement that our system added value to the visitor journey beyond just the on-site convenience of cashless. 

The solution was the 'Mission Log' - an innovative collaboration between Read More   

Meet Us At...

  • 24-25/09: The World Football Summit in Madrid is a great opportunity for us to further implement our product in the soccer/ sports market. Let's meet
  • 2/10: The Ticketmaster Summit in London: Catch up with Steve and Joshfrom our UK team.
  • 8-10/10: Leaders In Sport, in London: Meet our new UK Head of Sport,Josh Daniels, to find out how our technology can increase spend-per-head in your stadium by 35%.
  • 16-17/10: The Showmans Show, Newbury, UK: Meet our UK Managing Director, Steve Jenner, and find out how or solutions can help grow your event and give you an unparalleled understanding of your visitors.
  • 16-18/10: We’ll be attending ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) 2019. Join us, we’d be happy to drink a beer with you!
  • 16-18/10: Yuflow (PlayPass France), hosts a drink at the MaMa showcase festival on the 16th. Join us and take this networking opportunity while discovering our newest product features.

Steve Jenner from playpass will be at AFO conference to talk more about CASHLESS.

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AFO: 2nd Oct 2019 20:42:00

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