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It’s Not Just the Small Festivals

You may think sometimes when your local authorities start asking you for special arrangements etc. that you are being picked on, but it is not just you.  Mendip District Council responsible for licensing Glastonbury Festival have congratulated the festival organisers in looking after their customers and their staff extremely well.  However, the Scrutiny Board met on January 9th and has published a de-brief of the 2019 Glasto Festival and is now asking organisers to consider some recommendations in festival bars, camping and crowd safety, food, Health and Safety, nuisance prevention, sanitation, security and water operations, so if you think you are having a hard time, don’t worry. 

It has to be said that in the main local authorities make such recommendations and advice because they are concerned with the safety of customers and staff, so bear with them and if it becomes too much aggravation then do let us know and we will help if we can.  Always remember when they say ‘you must’, you have to say ‘why?’ and they have to come up with a very good reason which could well make a difference or indeed prove that their request was reasonable in the first place.

: 16th Jan 2020 12:10:00


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