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And you thought BREXIT was over

Whichever way you voted in the BREXIT fun and games, it will soon come home to roost.  January 31 and then the next twelve months of haggling and wrangling.  We know from previous correspondence and articles in the press that musicians are getting very worried about how their right to roam around Europe looking for work will certainly change.

We did wonder whether not being in the European Union would release lots of funds for cultural projects like festivals and events, we have yet to find out.  However, the government have just announced that Martin Green formally in charge of Olympic ceremonies and Hull’s year of City of Culture has been given the job of bringing the nation together in a showcase of British creativity.

£120m nationwide celebration is planned for 2022.  It was originally announced by Theresa May when she was Prime Minister in 2018 but there is no specific date, it just looks like it is going to fill the year, and Martin Green has the job of spreading the wealth.  Hands up those who think it will mostly be spent in London and the Southeast.  Just how we make a bid for any of the funding to help ‘celebrate’, if there is such a thing linked to BREXIT, we don’t know yet, but we will find out as soon as we can and let you know.

Green expects to announce a programme by the end of 2021 and anticipates that it will involve a small amount of very large acts.  There will be tons going on but when there is special money on the table, you do want to do things which are not normal business.  The festival will take place in a busy year for Britain.
At the same time there will also be the 70th (Platinum) Jubilee anniversary of the Queen’s reign, the BBC Centenary and the Edinburgh International Festival will be 75 years old.  There will also be the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham for which the same Martin Green has been recruited as Creative Officer.  We will keep you informed as we find out more.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 16th Jan 2020 12:12:00

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