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Yes, we are talking powering up the stages.  For those of you out there who use generators I am constantly talking, on your behalf, with Tim Benson from Smart Power who very kindly constantly advises us on things we don’t understand and new innovation.

For instance, HVO means hydro-treated vegetable oil i.e. it is a bio fuel and a lot of people are now using this as an alternative to WVO – waste vegetable oil.  Tim tells us that the main difference is the production process.  Currently HVO takes waste vegetables oils and fat and mixed them with hydrogen to produce fuel.  By product is harmless and because all the oxygen is removed from the fuel, it has a longer shelf life. He goes on to give us lots of detail about its make-up but ends by saying ‘in terms of emissions, yes, the claim of 79-90% emissions reduction when compared to regular diesel is true.  In particular it helps reduce CO2s and NOX and particulates.  Price wise it is considerably more expensive than red diesel.  For HVO one might pay typically £1.10 per litre on large volumes of around 10,000 litres whereas red diesel can be as little as 60p per litre up to 85p at the top end.

Sustainability in general is high priority and will feature at future AFO Conferences and indeed training sessions in the early part of 2020 where no doubt Tim will be present. 

If you need more information on this and any other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, talk directly to Tim Benson [email protected]

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 21st Jan 2020 15:38:00

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