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POST BREXIT – does this affect you, or can you assist?

BREXIT now it’s upon us - Musicians’ Union Information gathering exercise

In order to be able to properly inform Government about the issues surrounding the potential difficulties UK musicians will face when entering Europe to perform post January 2021, the Musicians’ Union and UK Music are seeking information and evidence from those Tour Bookers, Agents, Promoters and Managers who bring artists from non-EU countries into the EU and UK to perform.

The MU calls on you to assist in this information gathering exercise.  The evidence and information supplied will be crucial in arguing for a Musician’s touring passport post January 2021.

The information we need is:
What difficulties are faced when booking a tour across Europe for Artists from Non-EU countries?
Which countries are the most problematic and why?
Which countries present the least difficulty and why?
Can you supply any case studies where problems have occurred?
Which countries are the most popular and most regularly visited?
What would you like to see in place to make touring and performing in Europe as a Non-EU artist easier?

We need as much comprehensive information as possible by the end of March 2020.
Please email [email protected]

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 28th Feb 2020 15:20:00

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