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Red diesel call for evidence

Do you or any of your contractors use red diesel? If so, HM Treasury would like your views:

"As you may have seen, at Spring Budget 2017 the government announced that it would publish a call for evidence on the use of red diesel. This call for evidence is an information gathering exercise and is designed to improve the data sources available to government about red diesel use.
The document is now available at
Anyone with an interest in red diesel is encouraged to share their views. We are therefore inviting you to share your insights into the use of red diesel. We are particularly interested in information about where red diesel is used, and the types of uses in urban areas.

Any information we collect will be useful in improving our data sources so we ask you to please provide any evidence you deem relevant to this call for evidence, not limited to the information requested. Instructions for submitting responses are contained in the document."

Deadline for submitting your views is 30 June 2017

[email protected]

AFO: 23rd Apr 2017 12:53:00


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