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Look up, look out – Think electricity!

With the weather warming up, many outdoor types will be looking to pitch their tent in the countryside or set out on the open road in their caravan.

Whether it be for a holiday or to wile away the weekend at a music festival, safety experts at UK Power Networks, which delivers electricity to the East of England, London and the South East, are warning campers to ‘Look out and look up’ before setting up camp to make sure they are not near any overhead electricity lines.

Overhead power lines are more common in the countryside than towns and much of the equipment associated with camping and caravanning can easily conduct electricity so it is always wise to ‘look out and look up’ first and then follow some simple guidelines so everyone can be happy – and safe – campers.”

UK Power Networks advice includes:
•Avoid, if at all possible, pitching your tent or caravan directly under or close to an overhead power line.
• Be particularly aware when erecting TV aerials or radio masts next to mobile homes or fixed caravans.
• Stay well away from any lines in the vicinity of the campsite you are intending to use.
• Metal and carbon fibre tent poles, guy lines, TV aerial poles and almost every other long object can conduct electricity. Electricity can jump across gaps so always carry them horizontally and parallel with the ground.
• Never attempt to judge the height of power lines, it is very dangerous and difficult to do so.
• Never attach or tie anything to power line wooden poles, pylons or electrical equipment. • Never light a fire under an overhead line, the heat from the fire could cause the wires to sag dangerously low or break.

UK Power Networks has published detailed guidance for campers and caravanners on how to stay safe near overhead power lines in the form of downloadable leaflets on its website

AFO: 26th Apr 2017 12:59:00

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