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Melvin Benn, Festival Republic shows the way to get the festival industry moving again

Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Festival Republic, has called for the increase of COVID-19 testing in the UK because entertainment and sport cannot operate fully with social distancing measures in place.

Melvin Benn has published The Full Capacity Plan, which details an incentive-based scheme that he says would “rapidly increase” the public’s use of the NHS Trace App. He wants to restart the leisure and recreation sector at full capacity. Social distancing causes “economic damage” and the events industry cannot operate under such conditions, says the plan.

Working in partnership with the Government, a coronavirus test would allow the public to access the entertainment and leisure sectors e.g. pubs, theatre, gigs and sporting events, creating a personal incentive for the public to be tested and traced.

Benn explained: “We are currently in a position where the Government has capacity to test 1.4 million people a week but testing less than 700,000 because there is no incentive. My plan is to create incentive, to test at least double the current capacity and be aiming for 12-15 million people a month being tested minimum.

“I am proposing The Full Capacity Plan to stimulate the debate about getting back to normal opening rather than partial opening because partial opening is financial disaster opening.

“I am proposing The Full Capacity Plan because it’s simple and easy, inexpensive in comparison to the subsidies that the Government is currently paying and very achievable with good organisation.”

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Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 4th Jun 2020 16:25:00

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