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A long telephone meeting with Jon Sloper, designer of the new AFO website.  If you haven’t looked at it in detail you are looking at some of it right now and you should search the rest where you will pick up lots of information and opportunities to market your own festivals and events.

And that brought an extremely busy February to an end.

As March opened I had a meeting with the organisers of the Festival Awards, probably the premier of the awarding business.  It could be said that there are now far too many of them but if only one had to stay this, and perhaps the Suppliers Award, should be the ones.
It gains a great deal of profile and is a very simple free nominating system.  If you have never nominated your festival for an award, you really should. The badge to be short listed is well worth having, even if you don’t win.  Watch this space for more info later in the year.

Continuing into March, I represented the Events Industry Forum (EIF) at a meeting at Bournemouth University to discuss our current major research opportunity.  More on this as the work develops.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 27th Feb 2019 14:21:00

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