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DCMS Covid-19 Survey Results

In a survey carried out through the middle of the COVID-19 crisis DCMS had 3,936 responses between mid-April and mid-May.

In order to narrow down the groupings festivals and events went into a section known as Events and Exhibitions, the results of which are revealing and useful.

Question 1 asked whether in the next three months your organisation was financially resilient.
357 said yes, it is, 51 said no, it isn’t and 7 don’t know.

In answer to the question what action have you taken to mitigate the problems in your organisation caused by COVID-19?  It was assumed that loans, grants, bailouts, and own actions had been taken.

The question was for how long that would improve your chances of survival. The answers were, 21 - less than a month, 130 - up to 3 months, 162 – up to 6 months, 50 – more than 6 months, 30 – said they didn’t know and 21 said they had already ceased trading.

Question 3 was about how COVID-19 had affected the monthly revenue for your business or organisation.  The answers were 1 – it had remained the same, 14 had decreased by 50%, 120 decreased by up to 99%, 277 completely gone, 2 didn’t know.

The next question asked whether your company was taking mitigating actions to maintain revenue and reduce costs.  78 said they were and 337 said they were not.

In summary of the 3936 responses it was estimated that 2668 were at risk and 1070 were not at risk.

Festivals were part of this survey but clearly a more detailed set of figures is needed for the festival industry.  That is being assembled by AFO and is coming your way.  It is quite clear that government respond to facts, figures, and information and without them our industry will get left behind.  So, when the survey comes to you AFO would very much appreciate your attention to the detail needed.

Steve Heap: 25th Jun 2020 10:19:00

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