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Important News Update For AFO Members

We tried to get a consortium bid together for AFO members but I’m afraid that battle was lost. They out gunned us!!

So take the advice and if £50k is too much go for a Project grant starting at £10k. See also Lucy Stones slides from her webinar on how to apply.

Very useful info and all free to AFO members read on………….

We've had clarification from ACE on two key points that were outstanding (consortium bids and timing for activity based on Govt rules on 10 August). This is mixed news.

In addition, Lucy Stone has pointed out that there are two small details different to her previous notes (income/expenditure table and word counts on questions) so she's updated her guidance docs, which are below.

Finally, a reminder about the ACE webinar details for next week.

Project Grants Webinar

Arts Council England has agreed to run a webinar for all LIVE members on applying for the National Lottery Project Grants, which will be very relevant for members seeking grants below the £50,000 threshold of the Culture Fund.

The webinar is on Weds 19th August, from 14:00 - 15:30

Hosts: Harry McIver & Aakash Bharania (Arts Council Englad)

Link to webinar:

1. My organisation is not currently a member of a consortium, but have considered joining or setting one up in order to submit a joint bid - is this eligible for this fund?

Any consortium who applies to Culture Recovery Fund: Grants must be established with a demonstrable track record of working in that way. If your membership is made up of smaller scale organisations who would not need the minimum ask of £50,000, then the consortium should not apply for the total sum to distribute amongst members. Instead, if eligible, organisations may wish to consider an application to National Lottery Project Grants.

If you regularly work collaboratively with other organisations and are exploring mergers and/or shared corporate services (such as HR or payroll) then these costs can be included in your application.

If a number of organisations submit separate applications with shared costs, there is no guarantee that this will result in funding for each and organisations must still evidence how they meet the criteria for the fund.

2. CULTURE RECOVERY FUND - what you can plan to programme

Arts Council England website has now been updated - the full guidance on what you can plan to programme is available here:

The relevant amended text is as follows:

As of the 10th August, indoor performances with an audience are not permitted. This may change at some point in the Financial Year, and so the government has permitted organisations to submit a plan that includes some indoor activity compliant with the government’s Stage 4 performing arts re-opening plans, and is in line with current social distancing measures. However, we cannot be certain about if or when this will be possible. Organisations will therefore need to consider how any planned activity can be flexible and resilient to changes in what activity is permitted nationally and in their local area and that plans minimise reliance on this activity in a way that would risk the organisation’s financial position if such activity was not possible as envisaged at the time of application. .

Steve Heap: 12th Aug 2020 18:11:00

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