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Most Disappointing Day of the Year

Today will go down in history as one of the most disappointing days of the year.
Cancelling the 2020 festival season was bad enough, most of our festival industry falling through the cracks in all the chancellor’s packages over the last six months has been a big pill to swallow. He told us we are not a viable industry and then suggested we should retrain (and as John Lennon’s auntie told him, “get a proper job”) (80yrs old today!) Then he announced a package for those businesses that have had to close because of Covid regulations. “That’s us” I hear you cry.
Sorry I don’t think it is for us. The billions of pounds we contribute to the UK economy each year. The 85,000 jobs we support in our industry, the millions of pounds we leave behind in the economy of our locality do not seem to have reached the ears of the chancellor as once again he leaves us behind to somehow survive another winter on nothing.
The areas of the country heading for further lockdown and closure of course have our sympathy but when they re-emerge they will want to enjoy live music, go to a Christmas concert, book for a 2021 festival or get down the pub for the local band night.
Sorry you people, the way our industry is being treated I will be surprised if there are concerts, festivals or club gigs to go to if Mr Sunak does not see the damage he is already doing to the most respected live music industry in the world. The £1.57Bn Culture Recovery Fund did not get to us.
The next package simply must.
Help now before it really is too late.

Write to the chancellor, to your own MP, to the Secretary of State for Digital Culture Media & Sport and join the united campaign to save thousands of jobs, hundreds of small business and your LIVE MUSIC.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 9th Oct 2020 20:32:00

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