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Now at last, a light at the end of this COVID tunnel. Where were we?

I know it’s too early to get excited but you have to admit after 8 months of worrying whether our festivals will ever see the light of day again the possible prospect of the early season festivals being able to run perhaps in a limited covid safe way and the mid season and later ones getting back to near normal does begin to look promising. So whilst you ponder that bold ,and perhaps caucious statement you may remember we were supposed to be leading the way in climate change action. Not wishing to pile on more work may I just ask that in your new planning you remember all the lessons we learned in the last few years that go some way to saving the planet.

Perhaps just refresh your memories by visiting Vision 2025 web site and in particular look at all the tools and good advice there is, laid out to make your contribution easy. See here and sign up to the free newsletter, that will keep you on the ball.

AFO is a member of the V2025 steering group so I can keep you up to speed on happenings. For now decide what action you are going to take in 2021 (only 4 yrs to the target ) Focus on that by measuring where you are now and monitor how you do every year for the next 4, it’s not as hard as you may think and the result when you are successful will benefit you, your children and help make our enviroment a cleaner, safer and long lasting venue for festivals for as long as you care to run them. Go DO IT NOW !

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 3rd Dec 2020 11:30:00

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