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The Question On All Our Lips Is 'Will The Vaccine Save Most Of Our Season?

That's All Sorted Then? (Maybe)

As many of us are now well into planning our 2021 festivals the questions on all our lips are 'will the vaccine save most of our season?'  'Will we be able to run normally, or is it Covid-19 in ’21?

We will of course keep you up to date with everything we learn from the dozens of government zoom meeting that we are tied up with.

Just for now there is a lot of talk about rapid testing.  Imagine if you do have to run Covid safe.

Your audience could be queued in their vehicles in the carpark and you hand a test to everyone in the vehicle, they stay in the vehicle until they have done the test and handed it back to you.

Ten minutes later, using their car registration to identify them, you are able to return and tell them whether they can come into the event or not.  It may be possible.  I hope it won't be necessary.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 6th Dec 2020 14:11:00

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