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From all of Scotland’s Drive-In producers

Please read, support and share:

This Tuesday, 420 creative sector jobs will be lost and 18,000 families who are excited about attending a Drive-In will face an even bleaker winter and Christmas period as the Scottish Government is not allowing Drive-In’s to take place in Tier 3 areas, despite England, Wales and Northern Ireland allowing them currently in far harsher equivalent tiers.

Drive-Ins are recognised globally as extremely safe by clinicians, with households safely cocooned within their own bubble in a highly controlled outdoor environment. We urge the Scottish Government to reclassify drive-ins as a Tier 3 activity this Tuesday and follow the advice of their own policymakers.

With hundreds of thousands of Scots now allowed to access indoor hospitality & retail, there is no logic to delivering a further hammer blow to Scotland’s creative sector.

There is still time for the Scottish Government to reconsider their position! Please like and share this post on our social media channels to show your support for Scotland’s decimated creative sector and allowing families to attend Drive-Ins. We need the Scottish Government to support this change - allow Drive-Ins to go ahead in Tier 3 areas!

Thank you


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Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 15th Dec 2020 10:42:00

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