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And It Came For Me….But There Was No-one Left To Help Me

I met a man who thought the virus was being blown out of proportion.I
met another who said he wouldn’t trust the vaccination, and another who said he had a flu jab and still got flu.
I met a dozen people partying in the park and family who just arrived from the far east hugging their close family.
I thought as I haven’t been out for months except to buy essentials and exercise
perhaps I have missed something.

Then I met a man whose brother was a bit short of breath when he went to bed last night. This morning that man found his brother dead in bed.

This virus is very serious.  Do not take your survival for granted.  Do what you can to help others survive.  Be kind and be very careful, the next person you meet could be one of those described above ….then what?

A quarter of adults (25%) felt that life will return to normal in six months or less, compared with 22% the week before. One in five (20%) adults felt that it will take more than a year for life to return to normal, compared with 23% the week before.

ONS has published a survey of public actions over the Christmas period and perceptions regarding the future.  While this survey was undertaken before the new lockdown, the perceptions regarding how soon the UK will get back to normal will have implications for holiday booking patterns this year.  In this regard the main findings are:

So, while there was some improvement in perceptions, it is concerning in tourism terms that only a quarter of people feel that life will return to normal before July and indicates that considerable work will need to be undertaken to increase consumer confidence.  But first convince them this is really a serious problem.


Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 9th Jan 2021 10:02:00

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