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Culture Recovery Fund: Grants second round

£ support from the chancellor/DCMS/ACE... read on…

If you applied in the first round of Cultural Recovery Fund but got nothing this is your second chance.

However, some members were entertained by ACE at a webinar on 8/1/21 which suggested Festivals should head in the direction of Project Grants.

Well, when the first round told us £50,000 was the minimum you could apply for, we set about convincing the powers that be that £15-25,000 would be a better starting point for festivals when round 2 came along.  Victory!!!  ACE or someone was listening, and they pitched the smallest grant at £25,000.  Great you say.

Now if you read the ACE criteria it says: “We recognise that some cultural organisations (for example, festivals) may not plan to operate fully until after 1 July 2021.  They are still eligible to apply to the Culture Recovery Fund: Grants programme and should demonstrate in their application how they will transition towards full operation during the April – June 2021 period.”

To me that says Festivals should apply to CRF Round 2, so why did an ACE representative say in the webinar 8/1/21 that festivals would be better going for the Project Grants???

What to do?  Well, AFO recommends that if you need £25,000+ go for CRF Round 2 and do it now as it closes in three weeks’ time.  If you need less then go for the Project Grant, you get answers in less than 6 weeks.



Steve Heap: 9th Jan 2021 12:48:00

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