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Culture Recovery Fund 2 Urgent Update 22 January 2021

Arts Council England seem to have made an error in the text of part of CRF2 application.

Lucy Stone has very kindly provided the following.

Character Counts in the Expenditure Table and the Delivery Plan Table are intended to be 100 Characters.

There seem to be a number of anomalies in Grantium on the word counts for the Expenditure Table and the Delivery Plan Table. It is unclear how they have  arisen. Some people (like me) have a 2000 character limit in description, some have 2000 in the 'task lead' box, others have a 1000 character limit in one or the other. There are also examples where the form accepts 2000 characters but an export of it only shows 100 characters (i.e. there's no notification of being over the limit but it doesn't look like anything more than 100 characters can actually be submitted).

We have checked with ACE and they only want to see 100 characters in the boxes whatever your form will allow.  They state:

We’ve specified that the delivery plan table gives us headline info and an overview. Applicants should not be including lengthy detail in this section of the form, as we won’t read it if it’s not relevant or appropriate for a headline delivery plan.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO): 22nd Jan 2021 13:49:00

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